Flat Fee Listing

    MLS Flat Fee Listing Service

    Our Flat Fee Listing service requires a $495 fee at the time of listing and then you pay only .0075 percent of the sales price at closing. In the event a cooperating agent / broker is involved in the sale of your home, we suggest you offer a 2% commission of the sales price to a seller/buyer agent. Note, compensation must be offered when listing a property on MLS.


    If Realty 123 Inc. secures a buyer and completes the closing on a $300,000 home your fees are as follows:

    Realty 123 Inc; $495 + (.0075 %) $2,250 = $2,745.

    If a cooperating Seller/Buyer Broker is involved and the deal closes; add (2%) $6,000 plus Realty 123’s fees.

    Total cost with Realty 123 Inc. and a cooperating Seller/Buyer Broker: $2,745 + $6,0000 = $8,745.

    Note: Other Brokerage Firms may charge: 6% = $18,000 / 5% = $15,000 / 4% = $12,000


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